The Threat of Tharizdun

Chapter 3

-One rainy day the captain of the guard of Shouren, Captain Nikel Featherware, appeared in The Serpent’s Snare. After a few drinks he related to the Wolverines! a problem that he is having. A friend had asked for his assistance in Crou, the capital city of Freink. The Wolverines! decide to help Featherware and his friend,Jacklaria Lyner.

-Once in Crou, the party meets this woman in her house. She tells them that she has been hearing strange noises coming from her basement on rainy nights, but when she goes to check what is making the noise she finds nothing. That night it rains and the Wolverines! go down to check the basement and find a secret passage leading to underground tunnels beneath the city. Stanislav remebers hearing of these tunnels to originally be used as a safe place in case the city was under attack.

-The party, along with Jacklaria’s warforged companion Relic, head into the tunnels only to find themselves trapped. They fight their way through some skeletons to another room where they find a door. The door has four small holes in it.

-Continuing into the tunnels the party finds a small band of Kenkus. after deafting them, the party finds a small pendant on the leader. The pendant is roughly the same size as one of the holes on the door, and it has a strange symbol on it.

-The party fights their way through the tunnels in a few harrowing battles, each time finding another pendant on the leader of the band of people they fight. Having collected four pendants the party returns to the door and inserts them in what they perceive to be the correct placement of the pendants. They can hear some strange noises on the other side, like chanting.

-When the pendants are placed correctly the head of an Eladrin manifests on the door. After some light conversation, the Eladrin asks them a riddle. Relic answers it quickly and the door opens. A blast of cold air hits them and the chanting grows louder. As they head down the steps, the chanting stops and a roar reverberates through the chamber. Wearily, the party continues down the steps.

-At the bottom of the steps they see a large room. In the middle of the room, standing next to an alter, is a young white dragon. Around it are some bodies, torn and eaten. The dragon attacks them.

-Once they fell the dragon, the party sees a pair of boots with the Mark of Tharizdun branded on them. They take it and head through an alternate exist on the far side of the room. The exist leads them back to the streets of Crou.

-They return to Jacklaria and show her the boots. She is puzzled and excited by them. She tells them that her father, Eryc Lyner, is a scholar in this city and knows something about Tharizdun. she suggests that they go and see him. The party agrees and heads to the university, leaving relic with Jacklaria.

-Eryc is waiting for them, having already contacted with his daughter. He leads them into the university to his study, all the while telling them more of the sinister nature of Tharizdun. Tharizdun is, he says, an evil god bent on destroying the world; he uses his followers to achieve this goal. Eryc is in league with a group that is trying to stop them and he requests that the Wolverines join the cause. They agree and he looks relieved. HE then hands them a piece of paper.



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