The Threat of Tharizdun

Chapter 4

-The paper that Eryc hand handed them depicted his last correspondence with another one of the groups he had sent into Ikervia. He lost contact with them after they had gone into a mountain through a secret entrance. He wants the Wolverines! to find out happened to them by going to one Ikervia’s towns, Herisha, and meeting another one of this groups leaders, Umperan.

-The party sets of towards Ikervia, Hokima leaves them, muttering something about needing to do business. On their way through the woods north of Crou, towards the mountains which lead to Ikervia, they stop at an inn, aptly named “Wooded Inn”. There they meet two elves who only speak elvish which is curious. Berrian converses with them to find out that they have had some trouble.

-The elves were sent by their employer to find a certain flower which is very rare, but when they got to the place they found a strange house there. They are at a loss of what to do. The Wolverines! decided to go there with them in the morning to see what the house is all about. That night Stanislav seduced the woman who worked at the inn.

-In the morning the group head to the strange house. It is multicolored on the outside, but on the inside it looks to be a strange milky white. The group, along with one of the elves named Rolen, head into the house. Once inside the door slams behind them.

-Inside the house, the room is circular. There are eight doors, each one pointing a different way on a compass (North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest). They had come in through the East door. They opened each door only to find that each room looked identical. In the middle of this large room gold letters appeared and spelled out a poem.

-They went into one of the rooms and found four paintings hanging on the wall. Dante, frustrated, fired a crossbow bolt at one of them. The crossbow bolt went straight through the painting.

-The party went through each painting, each time encountering some kind of ordeal. At the end of the ordeal they were rewarded with a gold statuette of a mythical creature. Each time they came out of a painting, that painting would disappear and a faint outline of a door would appear on a far wall.

-After having gone through each painting the door became fully physical. Words appeared on the door, telling the party, through a riddle, the correct order to put the statuettes in four slots on the door. The party fails and four beasts appear from nowhere. They attack. Once the party defeats them, they try again, this time succeeding.

-Wailing sounds from the door when they open it. Huddled and crouched and shuddering is the figure of an old woman. She tells the party that she has been expelled from the town of Hartforth, not far from where they are now, and that if they are able to get her to live there then she will not kill them.

-The Wolverines! agree quickly and head to Hartforth. They go to the mayor of the town, a fat pompous man, and ask about the woman. He tells them that the woman is a witch and killed one of the children of the town. This news is shocking to them and they head back to the witch. She tells them that, yes, she did kill the child, but that it was an accident.

-The party is still determined to get her to live in Hartforth, even after hearing this news. So they head back to the town and offer the mayor money to let her stay. He licks his lips with greed and grants them permission. The party, as well as Hartforth guards head back to the witch and bring her to the town.

-Once at the town the mayor makes her apologize for killing his child, for it was his that died that night. She does and he allows her to stay and that he will get the towns people to stop spreading rumors about her, which they were.

-The witch thanks the party again for reuniting her with her son, whom she reveals to be the mayor. Rolen and his elven friend take their leave, paying the Wolverines for their troubles. The Wolverines stay another night at this town before heading out in the morning.



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