The Threat of Tharizdun

Chapter 5

-As the party heads north one evening, just as the light is disappearing they see something very strange. In the distance, behind the woods, a blue light is emitting from somewhere. Curious, the party ventures forth through the woods in the direction of the light. In the woods they encounter some creatures which they quickly dispatch of. Eventually they come to a small clearing.

- Around the clearing were some small gravestones. Lying amongst the stones was a woman, next to the woman stood a large blue portal. As the party approached they could see inside the portal. Inside of it was a strange world, it looked almost watery- like a dream. The woman was bleeding and when the party tried to talk to her she babbled incoherently and was scared, attempting to crawl away.

-After a few minutes the party was able to calm her down. She then told them her story.

-Her name was Redra. When she was younger her mother would have strange dreams. It was always the same dream, a shadowy figure came at her with a flaming sword and always killed her. The night after Redra’s mother had told her all of this, the dream became worse. It was so bad that the mother was driven mad and she ran into the forest near their small village. Redra followed her mother into the woods. While Redra was following her, her mother fell down into a gully. As she fell she hit her head on a rock and it split open. Redra watched in horror as creatures burrowed out of the ground and took her mother’s body away. The next day Redra had the same dream her mother had been having. This all happened 12 years ago, when Redra was eight.

-Redra had recently been studying with a local wizard who had told her about a possible entry into the dreamworld. Redra was hopeful that this could be the way that she could end the dreams. So she had stolen the ritual papers and had fled to the graveyard. But when she had preformed the ritual and opened the portal her nightmare came out with his flaming sword and attempted to kill her. Luckily for her, he had not quite killed her. She suspects that the nightmare had gone to her village.

-Concerned, the party went to the town. When they got there they saw a few building on fire. People were fleeing from the town. In the middle of the town were two demons. each demon had four arms, each hand carried a sharp dagger. One of them had cornered a defenseless villager.

-Our fearless party ran into the town, weapons drawn. The demon killed the man before entering into combat. Suddenly, out of thin air, Redra’s nightmare appeared with it’s flaming sword.

-Just when all seemed hopeless for our party and it looked like this would be the end of their adventures, a bright light burst forth in the middle of the fray. Standing in the light was a woman. She assisted the party in defeating the demons.

-When the battle was over she introduced herself as Firra. She volunteered to accompany them to Ikervia, and they accepted, ever since the disappearance of Hokima traveling had become very difficult.

-Redra and others came back into the town and Redra thanked them for all their help. The party left, continuing northward.



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