The Threat of Tharizdun

Chapter 6

-The party comes to a town at the foot of the mountains. This is the last town in Freink before Ikervia. It is noticeably cooler here. The mountains reach into the clouds above them.

-Stopping at a tavern, the party hears about a bandit problem in the mountains.

-Before they can go to the mountains, fire spirits suddenly come from a small forest near the town. The fire slams into buildings, setting them ablaze. Thinking quickly, Firra organizes some citizens in a bucket line, trying to put the fire out that has started on a warehouse. As Berrian is walking through past some shops, trying to find his friends, he sees some ruffians beating a shopkeeper. Berrian, in one stylish move, cuts all of them through. Meanwhile, Dante and Budda help some people out of a burning building. Those acts of bravery have the crowed cheering for them. While all of this happens the unfortunate Stanislav, somewhat reluctantly, follows where the fire spirits are coming from. He comes to a dilapidated tower. In an act of hitherto unseen bravery from Stanislav he heads down into the base of the tower. In a chamber beneath the tower he finds the the charred body of a wizard lying next to a fiery portal. Using all of his knowledge Stanislav expertly closes the portal. He then runs like hell back to the town, just in case something were following.

-When he party is reunited they head into the mountains to see how they might help. In the mountain pass they find themselves locked in combat with some of the bandits during a rock slide.

-Once the bandits have been defeated the party sees where they came from. A hidden passage in the mountains leads them to the bandit hideout. Attempting to appear as bandits the party heads into the hideout. The bandits don’t fall for the trick and attack.

-After the party destroys the bandits they head back to the town at the foot of the mountains. They spend a night of just having fun before traveling back into the mountains.



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