The Threat of Tharizdun

Chapter 7

-The party came over the mountains without meeting anybody. It’s very cold in Ikervia. Snow covers the ground. They make their way through the snow to a town named Herisha. This is the town that they were sent to for Umperan.

-Inside the city the party notices that the people are living in poverty. By asking around the town they find out that the town from which Herisha gets most of its food from has not been delivering. They further learn that the mayor, Monger, from that town is in Herisha. After being denied talking to him the party awaits for him outside.

-Near the end of the day they see a man in a purple robe and turban bolt from the building and down the street. Dante chases him down and catches him. They ask him questions about his town, Nodiram. He tells them that wererats have been coming everynight, taking their food. He says that there might be other things as well.

-The next day the party meets with Umperan. Umperan tells them that another party has already gone into the mountains to find the missing group and that he has a special job for them. Kill Duke Cargen. Duke Cargen is a young elf who is the right hand man of the King of Ikervia. Cargen worships Tharizdun. Umperan knows thins because he has a reliable contact in the castle. If the group has any desire to get the public and the officals to take this threat seriously the Duke needs to die, Umperan says. Umperan told them that a contact would meet them at Suicide Bridge in Ikerniam with more information.

-Instead of going directly to Ikernaim, the party decides to help out in Nodiram. When they arrive they are greeted by a crazy old man who mentions “dark things” that come at night. No one in the town talks much, but the party does hear about a ranger who is new to town. He showed up just before things began to get bad.

-The party decide to meet the ranger, Arfus, at the tavern. He seems very calm about the whole situation, casually mentioning that the “dark things” are wraiths. Most people, he tells the party, lock and board their windows at night. The party decides to wait until nightfall to see what happens.

-Each of them chose a hiding place. Budda and Dante hid behind a house, Berrian hid on top of a house, Firra hid under some steps, and Stanislav hid in the attic of some house before he realized there weren’t any windows in it. Wererats, led and kept in line by werewolfs came through the town, ransacking anything they could find to eat. After they left wraiths came out of the mist and began to scratch eerily on the windows of houses.

-When those left the party meet outside near the tavern. Stanislav sneaked down the stairs and was about to walk out of the door of the house he was currently trespassing in when he saw that there were nailed boards around the door. Thinking quickly he made a sound in the other room of a wraith scratching on the windows and during each sound he pulled the boards a little bit. Finally free, he stepped outside and absentmindedly carried the boards with him.

-They all decided to go and check on the ranger, because they didn’t trust him. When they got to the man’s house and looked inside they could see that his feet were propped up on a table near the fire. Dante sneaked around the side of the house and climbed through a window. Finding himself in the next room, Dante peered into the room lit by the fire and saw that the man’s feet were very skinny. Dante silently opened the door and sneaked around the chair. No one was sitting in the chair, it was just a cloak and two broomsticks with boots one the end of them.

-This confirmed the party’s suspicions that the man was somehow involved with the wraiths. Dante went to the attic and brought down a book of gods. One of the gods mentioned was Tharizdun, this was just more firewood for the the fire for them. Excited at exposing the ranger as a fraud, Stanislav hurriedly ran to a house, which happened to be the house he was hiding in earlier. When the woman answered the door and Stanislav excitedly told her what he and his friends had discovered she was momentarily distracted by the boards he was holding. She mentioned that those boards looked a lot like the boards that they had had on their doors only an hour ago before they mysteriously disappeared. Flustered, Stanislav apologized as he told her everything that had happened earlier. She was about to slam the door when, in a last ditch effort, was finally able to get her to come with him to the rangers house to see that he was gone. All of them waited for the ranger’s return.

-When the ranger did return they surprised and made a ruckus that lured the townspeople to see what was happening. The ranger finally broke down and told them that he was not involved with the wraiths but that he had gone to preform a ritual to his god, which was not Tharizdun but a different god, a goddess to be exact. He is embarrassed because she is the goddess of flowers and other pretty things. She also requires sacrifices. The towns people walk away muttering about the rude awakening for nothing.

-Feeling slightly put out, the party went into the woods following the tracks of the wererats and werewolves to an entrance to a cave. The cave led straight down, but Dante noticed some other footprints heading past this one. They followed them and found themselves at a normal entrance to a cave. Going inside they found a few guards in an inside chamber, they had small black beady eyes. Budda sent his pet baby mammoth, which he acquired earlier in their travels, further into cave. The guards chased it and the party followed. They passed through a small tunnel leading into a large chamber. A crowd of nearly 200 people were in this huge chamber. All of them had the same kind of eyes. They watched, interested, as this strange scene took place, a baby mammoth and people chasing after it.

-Suddenly a loud howling voice echoed throughout the cave. Everybody stopped, even the baby mammoth. The voice belonged to a large man at the end of the cave. He called to the Wolverines! to come with him. They obeyed and followed him. The man told them that everyone there were wererats or werewolves, that they were the ones who would go to Nodiram every night, however he knew nothing about wraiths. He asked the party to try to get them a place to stay in Nodiram, since they are rejects by society. He also told them that they were working on a way to control the younger of them. The party suggested that they defeat the wraiths and that the people may see them in a different light if they did so.

-The next night the werewolves and wererats went out to the town and destroyed the wraiths and the whole town watched. The mayor then offered them a place to stay in town. Satisfied that they brought the people together and that the town would produce food again, the party ventured onward towards Ikerniam. They used a path through the woods they had learned about to travel.



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