All I ever wanted was to travel to far off to exotic places, meet new exciting people and then kill them. So I became a mercenary. My name is Dante. And I love what I do.


dark Green cloak with red scarf gauntlets on both arms and leg armor other clothes are made of leather “Mercenary rogue” thrill-seeker daredevil who loves to kick back and have a good laugh even if no one gets it but him


Dante enjoyed spending quality time with his father (Marrek), who was a knight of the king. While growing, Marrek brought up his son to be a warrior of all sorts, including religion. At times Dante would climb up the palace walls to watch his father councel others. This activity soon became a game to them both as Marrek would point at Dante to signify his presence. Marrek thought this to be a good excercise for Dante to learn stealth which gives combat advantage almost every time. The King of Flamaeton,Gil-galad. asked Marrek to deliver a letter to Buckthorn in the neighboring kingdom of Ei. Gil-galad had sent him to his death… The king tried to console Dante, but to no avail. The true colors of Gil-galad were shown and he took Evi to be his wife. Dante never liked Gil-galad and wanted to find out ghastly deeds that the king might have done or had done. Dante knew the king’s schedule of events and stealthily went into the king’s chambers one night. He came across a lock to a wooden black box that sat on top of the king’s wardrobe. He quickly pulled out his lockpicking kit and unlocked it in no time. Scurrying through the contents he found multiple letters including the times and certain events that must happen before the murder of Marrek. All letters had the king’s signature and seal of approval at the brim of the water-stained paper. Underneath the death-induced letters were mutliple pictures of his mother, Evi. Dante came to his senses and realized what the king had done. A spark had just went off in Dante’s heart and a roaring passion for his mother screamed for justice. He heard voices approaching and knew that he had been in the room too long. He ran up the wall towards the door’s entrance and caught himself between two pieces of wood which gave him complete advantage “over” the king. The king walked into his chamber with only the moonlight to provide him his colors of purple royalty and when the king had come right under Dante, a shadowy figure tackled him to the ground. Dante quickly grabbed his dagger from his back sling and plunged it into the king’s throat to stop the screaming. Guards nearby heard the noise and swiftly came in to see what was amiss. Dante ran through the guards and left the city knowing that he would never set eyes upon this land again.

Dante is now a mercenary and shows some signs of dimentia. He has no memory of the days when he would play with his father or when he killed Gil-galad. He was a mercenary for many years, but now resides in the adventuring company of the Wolverines! He makes perverted jokes from time to time and doesn’t take much seriously. He doesn’t take into consideration the god his father worshipped and will not do so until a seed is planted yet again in his heart. For now he holds the epicurian philosophy and will eat drink and be merry.


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