Buddadudda Bindorrow

My mother and father died before I was even able to talk. I'm on a quest to restore the Great City and prove to both my parents and Bahamut what I can do.


Ability Scores 18 Str +4 mod +1 *12 Con. +1 mod +1 *11 Int +0 mod +1 *16 Wis +3 mod +1 *17 Cha +3 mod +1

Armor Defenses *15 AC *19 Fort *14 Ref *20 Will

6 speed

Max Hp 38 Bloodied at 19 Surge value= 9 + Const. Mod (1) Surges/day-11

Adventuring Company-Wolverines!

Trained Skills- Diplomacy, Endurance, Heal, and Religion.

Race features- Dragonborn Fury (+1 attack roll when bloodied) Draconic Heritage- Healing surge= 1/4 health + Const. Mod Dragon Breath- Minor Action/Encounter power

Class Features: Channel Divinity: Divine Mettle, Channel Divinity: Divine Strength, Divine Challenge, and Lay on Hands.

Feats: Healing Hands, Toughness (+5 HP current lvl and add additional at lvls 11 and 21.

Languages Known: Common, Draconic

At-Will Powers: Holy Strike and Bolstering Strike

Encounter Powers: Shielding Smite

Daily Powers: Paladin’s Judgment

Utility Powers: Martry’s Blessing

Mannerisms and Appearance*- Blue scales with golden eyes and brawny. His smile brings joy and seems to be loyal. He still has kept some idiosyncracies from his youth, but overall he looks for Bahamut for wisdom. He is proud of his heritage and is rather reliable in a time of need. Surely he won’t let you down, but in order to understand him you will have to understand his god.


Buddadudda was given to a hume family at birth. His mother died just before birth and his father died attempting to rebuild the Great City. At the age of 2, Budda (as his father Xanthiel called him) was beginning to develop traits that were most peculiar such as: He would lock himself in the family cupboard and delve into all the delicious foods found, During playtime he would stare into the aperture of the kid-friendly slide, lastly, he would start laughing mysteriously then stop abruptly. Some of these actions and more brought about a consequence. These consequences did not serve as pertinent to Budda… the human parents (doing only what they thought was “justice”) would send him off to his room to reside in seclusion. If anything, this was a treat to Budda! He hid his feelings from everyone except himself. While in his room he would sleep and dream about anything and everything, but his parents noticed a journal of his ,while cleaning, full of confusing jargon and decided it was best to try to indoctrinate and conform him to the “normal” “just” life. The couple presented him with a book entitled “Gifts from Bahamut”. This book warped Budda’s mind completely as the parents hoped and Budda became more curious about his ancestry. For the next few years Budda would examine this god-like lifestyle written in the book and chase after it. History books would inundate his room and soon he was an extremely proud Dragonborn wishing to follow his father’s footsteps. After this, Budda started to wear Bahamut’s holy symbol everyday and take the role of a divine paladin. He took his cross to Shouren where he would manage a bar, train with his father’s war-hammer, and spread the gospel of Bahamut to this trade route city. With his blue scales and golden eyes, he would rebuild the Great City and bring honor to his deceased parents after mastering the art of love and strength. His war-hammer was his cross…

Loves: Bunnies, orchestral symphonies, exegesis, strolling through the Garden of Eden (religious experience), and eating.

Goals: Rebuild the Great City that was destroyed by an army of Hume’s in the year __, master the warhammer, become a teacher of Bahamut and to lead one to his salvation.

Hated Enemies: The only enemy of mine is those who oppose me and,frankly, most of these are Hume’s.

Buddadudda Bindorrow

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