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  • Shouren's Wizard

    h1. Chapter 1 h2. Shourn's Wizard h3. The Serpent's Snare The world is dangerous. Sinister things lurk around the world, waiting for their next prey. Amongst all of this blackness are points of light, safe havens for the weary traveler. There …

  • Chapter 2

    h1. Chapter 2 h2. The Horse and the Stone h3. Meet the Meat A few months had passed as we find the Wolverines! sitting in The Serpent’s Snare in Shouren. The town had grown considerably over the past few months and has become quite the trading …

  • Chapter 3

    -One rainy day the captain of the guard of Shouren, Captain Nikel Featherware, appeared in The Serpent's Snare. After a few drinks he related to the Wolverines! a problem that he is having. A friend had asked for his assistance in Crou, the capital city …

  • Chapter 4

    -The paper that Eryc hand handed them depicted his last correspondence with another one of the groups he had sent into Ikervia. He lost contact with them after they had gone into a mountain through a secret entrance. He wants the Wolverines! to find out …

  • Chapter 5

    -As the party heads north one evening, just as the light is disappearing they see something very strange. In the distance, behind the woods, a blue light is emitting from somewhere. Curious, the party ventures forth through the woods in the direction of …

  • Chapter 6

    -The party comes to a town at the foot of the mountains. This is the last town in Freink before Ikervia. It is noticeably cooler here. The mountains reach into the clouds above them. -Stopping at a tavern, the party hears about a bandit problem in the …

  • Chapter 7

    -The party came over the mountains without meeting anybody. It's very cold in Ikervia. Snow covers the ground. They make their way through the snow to a town named Herisha. This is the town that they were sent to for Umperan. -Inside the city the party …

  • Chapter 8

    -Traveling through the forest the party encountered a strange halfling named Grongern. Grongern told them a tale which had their hairs standing on edge but they dismissed him as a lunatic and brought him to Ikerniam with them as they didn't see anything …

  • Home Page

    h1. The Threat of Tharizdun !(media-item-align-center)http://www.canonfire.com/wiki/images/e/e1/Tharizdun_symbol.jpg!

  • Main Page

    h3. World [[Dranathkis | Dranathkis]] h3. Kingdoms [[Flamaeton]] [[Freink]] [[Ikervia]] h3. Towns [[Crou]] [[Shouren]] [[Hartforth]] [[Herisha]] [[Nodiram]] h3. Main Characters [[:berryj | Berrian Jacques]] [[: …

  • Dranathkis

    The world of Dranathkis is versatile in both its history and geography. Its history stretches back to Mythology and Legends, the truth shrouded in blackness. Throughout the ages the pages of its history book has run red with the blood of armies and kings. …

  • Shouren

    A town in Freink. Having gotten rid of the wizard, the town has grown and has become a sort of central trading area for people traveling along the trade route. It has nearly doubled in size and attracts all sorts of people.

  • Freink

    Native home to Humans, Halflings, and Elves. This kingdom is covered with forests and has a mountain range in it. It is ruled by King Markius from the capital city of Crou. This kingdom has many roads in it amongst the trees. But the depth of the forests …

  • Flamaeton

    Dante arose out of this once mighty kingdom. Trolls and orcs took the land by force, but slowly their numbers fell due to the fact that neither race has ever been able to create a functioning society. Moss and webs now occupy this kingdom while giant …

  • Crou

    The capital city of Freink. The city has as many secrets as it does streets and people.

  • Ikervia

    The northern kingdom of Dranathkis. It is characterized by large snowy mountains and the overall coldness of the land. Its capital city is Ikerniam. The land is ruled by Onin II. It is densely populated in only a few areas. The rest of it is mostly wild …

  • Hartforth

    A small town heading in Freink. It's north of Crou, stationed on the way towards Ikervia.

  • Herisha

    A town just inside of Ikeriva. This town is in poverty. It is also the home of Umperan.

  • Nodiram

    Another town in Ikervia. It has been plagued by wererats and werewolves and wraiths. The Wolverines! were able to calm things down in the town.

  • Mayor of Shouren

    The aged mayor of Shouren, this man has become very old for his job. The only reason he hasn't stepped down from his current position is because he still believes himself to be of sound mind and body. That and because he has successfully chained himself …

  • Kelandra

    A wizard who has been terrorizing Shouren. The party has been sent to take care of her. Status- Dead. Is the worshiper of an unknown, but probably evil god or goddess.

  • Stanislav

    *Backstory:* Stanislav was born in the far north, a realm of frost and snow. He was born to wealthy parents, who lived in a mansion and were nobles. His parent's wealth brought him a plethora of knowledge from both books and a tutor, both of which taught …

  • Dante

    Dante enjoyed spending quality time with his father (Marrek), who was a knight of the king. While growing, Marrek brought up his son to be a warrior of all sorts, including religion. At times Dante would climb up the palace walls to watch his father …

  • Berrian Jacques

    Berrian Jacques was born in a vast forest, like any Eladrin. He was always good-hearted, and he lived a happy childhood until a goblin ate his beloved pet. From that point on, he trained in the art of swordsmanship, so he could purge evil from the world …

  • Binker

    A Halfling merchant. Relieved after The Wolverines! took care of his problem with the Darkriders, he thinks he owes a debt to them. To show his gratitude he has agreed to give his protectors a discount on the items they purchase from him.

  • Darkriders

    A gang led by the dwarf Red Eye. They're unruly and ride through the four kingdoms of Dranathkis on a search for fights and a good time. Currently, they are in Shouren pursuing the halfling Brinker. The Wolverines! found Red Eye's stone. They think there …

  • Nikel 'Captain' Featherware

    Captain of the Guard of Shouren, Nikel is a man of about thirty-five years of age. He has asked The Wolverines! to help a friend of his in Crou.

  • Jacklaria Lyner

    A woman not more than twenty-three, Jacklaria owns a small house on High Road in Crou. Concerned about some strange voices coming from her basement, she found a passage in her basement leading to secret tunnels beneath the city. The Wolverines! have …

  • Relic

    This Warforged has accompanied the party down into the depths of the tunnels under the city of Crou. With a longsword in hand he has been made to be an invaluable ally in the tunnels.

  • Eryc Lyner

    The father of Jacklaria. He is a scholar at the university in Crou. He knows much about Tharizdun and is in league with a group of people attempting to stop his followers dark deeds. He enlists the help of the Wolverines!.

  • Rolen

    An elf cleric who accompanied the party through the witch's house.

  • Redra

    A girl troubled by strange dreams. The party helped her defeat her nightmare.

  • Arfus

    A shady ranger whose intentions were not as bad as they seemed.